our philosophy

We believe it is the basic human right of every individual to have personal freedom, no matter their socio-economic status, race, gender, or religion. Our core value is to create sustainable, long-term solutions that will bring an end to modern slavery.



Our team

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Beth tiger

Founder &
Executive Director

Beth has been an activist since her early 20’s. She is passionate about every person having the basic right of freedom over their own bodies and lives and has dedicated herself full time to this mission.

Having been a Life Coach for almost a decade, Beth Tiger brings to her executive position a level of empathy and compassion to all those she serves through her work with survivors and partner organizations.

She has authored a bestselling book and has been an inspirational speaker for over 10 years. This skill set helps her to convey the vision of Durga Tree and empower donors with information needed to make educated decisions around anti-trafficking.



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Chief Financial Officer

As a Co-Founder of Durga Tree International, Tim aims to bring awareness and support to charities around the world working to put an end to modern day slavery. Tim has personally dedicated his future to the eradication of this problem.

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Director of Finance

With a background in business administration, Samantha is Durga Tree’s Director of Finance. She takes the lead with the nonprofit’s accounting, donor database, budgeting reports, and working alongside the Executive Director on all other areas where the finances of the organization are involved.

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Director of Educational Initiatives

A Co-Founder of Durga Tree, Jess has also been a passionate teacher for over 17 years, She has experience fundraising & organizing charity events for programs working on issues such as equality, poverty, and medical concerns.



Tim Tiger 
         Founder/CFO ~ Durga Tree International, CEO ~ Tim TIger Enterprises

Elizabeth Tiger  
Founder/Executive Director ~ Durga Tree International

Jessica Hoertel
          Founder/Director of Educational Initiatives ~ Durga Tree International, NJ Educator



Paul Onderdonk

Maria Onderdonk

Thomas True

Erin Doheny-True

Shawn Stinnett

Eileen Collier Geraghty



our name

Our Executive Director, Beth Tiger, co-founded Durga Tree International five years ago because she was passionate about accepting her role as a global change maker.  The name Durga was chosen after the the supreme Mother Goddess of the eastern faiths. Durga is a beautiful symbol who represents our vision of ending slavery through the collaboration of multiple forces.

Durga is considered the supreme mother Goddess in a variety cultures and is believed to be the power behind the work of creation. She protects humanity from the evils of the world and at the same time removes miseries. She was created by multiple divine entities who realized alone they could not end human suffering, but could if they worked together by each equipping this Goddess with one of their powers.  She is often seen on a tiger or lion and has eight or ten arms holding the multiple tools gifted her by the various Gods.

The tree is symbolic in many cultures and religions, representing strength, protection, and knowledge. The fruit that is given forth brings new life & hope and, when firmly rooted, the branches can stretch far and wide. Durga Tree's specific image itself is also a visual representation of the globe (within the green), showing a commitment to the global community and freeing those around the world that are still enslaved.