We take the homework out of getting involved with this modern day epidemic, by finding top grassroots nonprofits who are in the field effectively working with high risk people and survivors. We conduct extensive due diligence. We believe in complete transparency and we require the same from every organization we collaborate with. We conduct site visits both to support our partners and to report to our donors.



Any one organization alone cannot tackle a problem as enormous as slavery. We are passionately committed to collaboration because we believe that the only way to create effective, generational solutions is by working with other organizations that are integrated into the communities that they work in.  We recognize that different organizations add various talents and strengths, leading to a more effective outcome for those we serve.



We understand that in order to remove somebody permanently from the slavery cycle, we need to look at the whole being, including their culture, their background, the community in which they live, their abilities and their individual hopes and dreams. With the help of our partners, we create individualized solutions that meet people where they are.



Modern slavery will never end unless we take an honest look at the demand side of the problem. We as American consumers are part of the global slavery epidemic, because of our unconscious consumption of slave made goods. However, we recognize that many people want to be part of the solution, not the problem, and are willing to consider different purchasing choices. We are committed to engaging people to action, as well as suggesting ethical alternatives that empower rather than exploit people around the globe.

What makes Durga Tree unique in my experience is that before coming up with a plan to eradicate trafficking, they took the time to truly investigate the space, talking to stakeholders and partners in the field, in order to determine what the greatest needs were. They saw that there is a huge unmet need for project based funding and practical support.
— Sarah Symons, Her Future Coalition - Asia Program Partner

As an executive at Covenant House International (Casa Alianza in Latin America) and partner of Durga, I am continuously impressed by the smart thinking, compassion and excellence in everything they do.
— Meredith Fabian - Casa Alianza/Covenant House - Latin American Partner